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Why should you be drinking Alkaline Water?

Reverse Osmosis is the world’s best technology for cleaning water and making it safe for human consumption.

During this process, Water is filtered and 99% of all contaminants are removed. It is not possible to only remove the contaminants and leave in waters natural minerals.

When water is stripped of everything, It is considered PURIFIED WATER.

Once the water is purified, removing the natural minerals makes the normal PH drop into the 5-6 range therefore making it slightly Acidic. TB Water has the answer to this problem.



Our Exclusive Anti Oxidant Alkaline Cartridge

  • - Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level
  • - Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg to help metabolism
  • - Contains smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3 times more effectively than normal water.
  • - Facilitates nutrients and mineral absorptions efficiently
  • - Promotes general well-being by restoring and balancing the body
  • - Improves the reducing power of water by removing harmful active oxygen (=free radicals) which causes cancer, diabetes,    hypertension and etc.
  • - Make water taste better
  • - Increases pH and lowers ORP (Ref. ORP = Oxygen Reduction Potential)

There is an EXPLODING trend sweeping across the world right now and that is Water Ionizers.

Many Americans are purchasing Electrolysis Ionizing water machines for anywhere between $1000-$4000

The company making the biggest noise right now is KANGEN WATER.

 Water holds a Neutral PH of about 7

The average modern American Diet is filled of meats, grains and beverages, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol is extremely acidic.