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No water treatment technology removes more chemicals and contaminants than reverse osmosis.

TB Water’s 5-stage reverse osmosis system feature ¼ turn quick change cartridges that are easy to replace and does not require turning the water off, unlike traditional systems that require a wrench and have compression fittings that require teflon tape that are potential leak points.

Premium Quick Change Reverse Osmosis



  Any Faucet Finish  


What does a Permeate Pump Do  and do I need one?

  • Makes water faster than standard RO system
  • Wastes 80% less water than standard RO system
  • Provides much higher pressure at faucet and fridge
  • Produces higher quality water than standard RO


Alkaline Remineralization Cartridge

Own or

lease $25 per mo.

includes Free Installation, Drill Granite, Run Fridge Line

Premium Reverse Osmosis Alkaline

  • Alkaline System lowers ORP
  • Unlimited Purified water
  • Easy quick Change Cartridges
  • Poly pro Tank will not rust
  • Designer Faucet Included
  • Save money/ No more bottled water!
  • Better for the Environment
  • Keep plastic bottles out of Landfills
  • Permeate Pump increases recovery time