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How it works

  • First your water passes through sediment pre-filter system reduces sand, silt, sediment and debris in your water down to 5 micron in size. TB Water recommends replacement of this 5-micron sediment filter every 6 months.

  • Next your water enters the TB Water Vortech Up Flow Catalytic Carbon filter to remove Chlorine/Chloramines, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s and hundreds of other contaminants that may or may not be in your water.

  • Your water passes through a layer of KDF bacteriostatic media that prevents bacteria, algae or any molds from growing inside the system and also greatly lengthens the usable life of the Catalytic Carbon

  • Finally, your water passes through our patented scale prevention media that transforms hardness minerals from an ionic form into a crystalline form. These nano-crystals will not stick to pipes, appliances, and all your faucets and fixtures, they simply wash down the drain with the flow of water.