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The TB Water Brand starts with the highest quality state of the art newest water treatment technologies, professional installation, and service to keep your water safe and free of contaminants. We will keep your equipment operating like the first day it was installed.

After working in the industry for many years and seeing the way other competitors conduct their business we at TB Water Technologies base our business on honesty and integrity.

When comparing different water treatment systems there are many different things a new customer should consider before making an investment.

Beware of National Brands Like Culligan, Kinetico, Rainsoft, Ecowater, and Hague.

  1. These brands are PROPRIETARY meaning that if the system needs repair ONLY that company can service it and they can charge whatever they want for parts. A simple piston and seal assembly could possibly be $200 plus a service charge to come out and replace. You are married to that company.

  1. You will spend $1000-$2000 MORE to have that brand name system………..Don’t believe all the hype.

  1.  Those NATIONAL brand names mentioned above will NOT display any prices online as they are independent dealers and the prices will vary greatly around the U.S.

  1.  If you call any of the National brands local independent dealers, they will more than likely give you no choice but to set an appointment for an in home water test that is conducted by a commissioned salesperson who works only for commission. Making 20-30% of the total sale, these sales reps will do whatever it takes to close a deal. In some cases taking 2 hours of your time with a long demonstration holding you in total suspense waiting till the very end to specify the price of new equipment. A quality whole home water treatment system should not cost $7000-$10,000. Nobody likes pushy sales personnel who refuse to take no for an answer.

  1.  TB Water Technologies does not employ any commissioned sales personnel.

  1. Lets talk WARRANTY………...Our Platinum Series Whole Home Water Treatment System comes with a 100% LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. This covers the entire system and includes PARTS & LABOR. YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER COMPANY THAT WILL BACK THEIR SYSTEMS LIKE TB WATER TECHNOLOGIES.

Specifically this covers the mineral tanks, control valve, electronic circuit board, wearable moving parts including piston and seals, softening resin, salt tanks, and also the pipe and fittings connected. THE ONLY ITEM NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY IS THE CARBON AND KDF USED TO REMOVE CHLORAMINES AS IT IS EXPENDABLE AND WILL NEED REPLACEMENT ONCE IT HAS EXHAUSTED ITS ABILITY TO REMOVE CONTAMINANTS.  DON’T BE FOOLED by companies who toss the words LIFETIME WARRANTY around. They will claim lifetime warranty at the time of sale in order to close a deal when in fact ONLY the fiberglass pressure tank holding the softening resin has a lifetime warranty. These tanks are almost bullet proof (not really), if we buried one in a landfill for 100 years and dug it up it would be intact. In our opinion having a lifetime Warranty on a fiberglass mineral tank doesn’t mean much to the end user. WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IS HAVING A PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY ON THE MOVING PARTS THAT ARE DESIGNED TO EVENTUALLY WEAR OUT.