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TB Water Dual Media Hybrid

Water Conditioner

Whole House Chemical Free Soft Waterplatinumdual

  • Removes Chlorine and other Organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, along with many other Volatile Organic Compounds like the carcinogen benzene. Please read your cities Consumer Confidence Report posted annually and you will see the many different contaminants that may or may not be in your water.

  • Softens the water removing dissolved hardness minerals like Calcium and Magnesium that damage appliances and leave spots on dishes and sinks, tubs, tile, and toilets.

The TB Water Dual Media Hybrid Water Conditioner combines the benefits of a whole house filter and a water softener. Unlike mixed bed systems sold by competitors, there are 2 separate chambers that keeps the carbon and softening resin from mixing, allowing our technicians to remove and replace every 2 years. If maintained properly this system will last indefinitely.


Advanced Flow Technology

The TB Water Dual Media Hybrid uses patented Vortech Tanks for an unprecedented improvement over conventional water softeners and filters.

Traditional Softeners pull water in the path of least resistance unevenly through the tank down towards a small cone. This reduces the resin or media’s effectiveness, and results in uneven build-up that can accumulate inside the system.

The Vortech Plate runs the full width and pull water evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and a much more efficient regeneration.

Benefits include:

  • 15% more usable capacity
  • 30% less water required for backwash
  • 40% less pressure drop across system


Vortech tanks are the best tanks in the world!

Vortech tanks requires no gravel underbedding which slows down flow rates.

The main problem with the old tank technology is that water will always choose the path of least resistance and inevitably start to channel or flow toward the openings around the cone as shown.

With the Vortech Tank, you will save thousands of gallons of water and use less salt than any other system on the market. The vortech requires 30% less time to backwash and cleans the tank of residue and particulate matter better than any other tank.

Whats the difference between a water softener and a water conditioner?

A Water Softener can ONLY soften water thats it!

A TB Water Conditioner is specially designed to deal with the Chemicals Chlorine and Ammonia that is added by the city as a disinfectant and also soften water.

Water softeners can only remove hardness. Chloramine is a powerful oxidizer and drastically shortens the life of a standard Water Softener.

Why does TB Water STRONGLY recommend that a consumer invest in a quality system that can remove Chloramine?

In 2010 President Obama’s Cancer Panel Concluded that Americans should protect their families from constant exposure to known Carcinogens found in tap water caused by the disinfectants used in the water treatment process.

 "Home water treatment is a proven final barrier against many harmful chemicals."

The report is entitled "Reducing Environmental Cancer Risks: What We Can Do Now."  In it, the panel states, "Individuals and families have many opportunities to reduce or eliminate chemical exposures.  For example, filtering home tap water or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals